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  • Can We?

    Can we get trusted if get banned once

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    you can get trusted but after getting banned and if you are unbanned then you really need show to admins that you are changed and after that if you think that you are ready for trusted player status then you can apply for it
    Extra :- It's not that easy for someone to get trusted player status once he is banned


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      Some cheaters and rulebreakers have learnt from their mistakes and have become Trusted players and even admins!
      You got banned - just accept if you have done any mistakes(aimbot in your case) and then move on. You might get unbanned if you accepted that you indeed used them. Learn from your mistakes and be a better player.
      Only thing I think is if you apply you won't get accepted just like that. You need a lot of time to gain Admins' trust again.
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        You will need a lot of time to get that status as you did shit wrong


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          ok ty spectre amazing and diablo -_- u r rude ty


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            You are cheater in everyone eye now as you use aimbot, and pretending that you are clear and admin are hackers.

            It will take alot of time to gain admin trust again .You have to think before using that shit, learn from that mistake not to pretend that you are innocent and admins are cheater.

            Learn From That.


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              i have learned from the mistake and surely it would never happens again and ty for information kritical


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