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  • Chat Logs Saver.

    Your previous SAMP chatlog gets overwritten when you join a new server - thats shit. So, I have found something that automatically copies them to a folder so they don't get overwritten.
    Here is The Link You can download from
    How to use:

    1. Extract "" anywhere.
    2.Create a folder with the name "chatlogarchiver" without quotes in Document \ GTA San Andreas User Files \ SAMP
    3.Run "ChatlogArchiverx64" or "ChatlogArchiverx86" according to your computer's sytem type.
    Main samp as usual : D
    Every Exit game or Crash then the chatlog automatically moves to "chatlogarchiver" Like This:

    NOTE: YOU EITHER NEED TO RUN THIS AS AN ADMINISTRATOR THE FIRST TIME YOU RUN IT, OR MANUALLY CREATE A FOLDER CALLED "chatlogarchiver" IN YOUR SA-MP DIRECTORY (My Documents\GTA San Andreas User files\SAMP). If you don't do this, you'll get an error after closing SA-MP saying it couldn't archive your chatlog. Once the folder "chatlogarchiver" exists, you don't need to run the archiver as admin.
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    I'm gonna use it, wish it does not do anything harmfull.



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