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SAMP 0.3.7 Anti-Crasher

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  • SAMP 0.3.7 Anti-Crasher

    This is a Perfect Tutorial Video made by me That Can show you How To install Samp 0.3.7 Anti-Crasher

    1.First Check this link to download The The lastest Cleo Version wich is v4.3.20[21.04.2015]

    The Samp 0.3.7 Anti Crasher:

    Thanks For Watching

    Sorry about The Credits :
    Files By: Tru3G4ming i think
    But uploads etc... By me
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    Thanks Cpt. tall.
    ForK YoUr AtTiTuD3


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      Source? Credits? (not the video)

      unless you made it by yourself, you must be a good hacker and good cleo scripter.

      *downloaded the file* *opening the archive* *reads "Readme.txt" -> "By:Cpt.Tall"* *hmmm sounds legit*
      *positive thingking: well maybe the archive/compression is by him*
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