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Race VW Suggestion

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  • Race VW Suggestion

    Hello Everyone.... So I was thinking that It would be good If players play race in VW coz sometimes it gets annoying to play in the main world coz players would be easily able to kill you by using /rocket and etc..I'm suggesting this coz it happend with me just some hours ago and in my opinion it would AMAZING if players would be able to race in VW.... Hope You Like It
    Warm Regards : Amazing

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    Was suggested already and done already, races were in VW 50 once and no objects were loaded so it was reverted.


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      This is actually a good idea. Racers should be in a different virtual world as well, just like minigamers and eventers, to prevent interruption from freeroamers


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        As mentioned, it was added before and was removed beside of the objects not streamed it there, many regular racers don't like them as well.
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