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[Server]Anti jail-evade

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  • [Server]Anti jail-evade

    I've seen this happening in the server that a player breaks a rule then an admin jails him. The player rejoins the server to escape jail and either continues to break the rules, or gets instantly sent back to jail for more time with reason "Avoiding admin punishment".

    My suggestion is to add anti jail-evade per account, so player can't escape punishment after breaking rule

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    Not a bad suggestion, and such a situation with avoidance of prison is too common.


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      That's the problem.

      An Player can evade the Jail only if he isnot registered in the server.

      So if an admins Jail an GXTEMPNAME this GXTEMPNaME probably gonna rejoin with another name to evade the punishment.

      On my view to fix this problem the admins would be able to obligate the non-registered players to regist themself on the gamerx server and then give the punishment (Jail).

      But i dont think it would be possible.

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        Auto Jail Evade already existed since long time ago for registered account, it's probably a bug if it didn't work.
        EDIT: I tested it with help by admin BreakDown it still works fine.

        And the rest reasons why it can't be implemented to unregistered player, GenGar already mentioned it. We can't force player to register. However admins can find out if the player behind gxtemplayername was previously the same rulebreaker/evader.
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          I was going to reply to Gengar, but you already posted whatever I was going to type.

          and it works? idk, I have seen players being able to evade jails. Could have been a bug that day or something.

          Anyways, you may lock the thread


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