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  • Buying Goodies


    Money was quite useless in GamerX, so what if we buy goodies as in in-game cash?

    Cookies, Icecreams, Biscuits... shall be buy-able, but they'll be very expensive, around 90,000 per cookie as it's quite important, because cookie helps to get rockets as how other goodies do.

    If it's expensive, it can be later decreased..Or get occasional discounts set by an admin.

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    I agree with this.


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      I don't think it's good suggestion because nowadays cookies are nothing , specially for Trusted Players / Admins, they keep spamming the command to give cookies, cakes to the players who are near them or in an event , so the other players will have like 1000 cookies a day , no need for it but it can be better if players use money to buy biscuits, ice-creams as they rarely get them .


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        Nice Suggestion , +1


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          I do not agree with this idea, it would not be so much fun buying everything.


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            If the money is useless this way you would also make cookies and other goodies useless.I dont think this is a good idea -1


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              I disagree as money is very easy to get in GX, anyone cause get a large amount of cookies easily this way, just owning props and buying the goodies.


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                This existed back then around 2009 it was removed, and since it's not necessary or useful, won't be added back.
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                  Not at all, money is so easy to earn through properties. Many people who know about properties have their money already full and if cookies are available to be exhanged then anyone would keep exchanging it(even I will, because I have max money and no place to use it). Biscuits and Icecreams are rare but still no because it will become more common than cookies and cakes if exchangeable with money(Some properties give a lot of money because of which you will be able to buy 1 goodie per minute with no loss).
                  Sorry but -1


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