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Adding cases and Marketplace

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  • Adding cases and Marketplace

    So first suggestion is adding cases
    Using /case command u can give someone case with Text in it, money, cookies, cakes,etc
    The second suggestion is the one which can change the course of the game
    in Marketplace there are many rare things should be added( if marketplace was added), so cashes will get harder to find after adding it, Everyone's Cashes will be wiped, Changes to Property system etc.

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    In my opinion, changes to properties system are not necessary since properties system have been the same way for years, of course it would be good to see something new but I don't think it would be necessary on properties.

    About your second suggestion what do you exactly mean? "a case with text in it, money, cookies, cakes, etc" may you explain it better? What I understood about that suggestion is that you will be able to send cookies/cakes/biscuits/icecreams to a player with some text in it by using that command, but how? A text box that would appear in your screen like when you /duel someone? or in the chat? In the chat it's already possible If you do it with cookies (/givecookie <ID> <Amount> <Text>), as far as I remember it's only possible with cookies for now, with text in the chat for the player that receives the cookies..
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      Editing a comment
      He meant that "case" as in box/crate/container...

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