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[Read] How to post an Event Map Suggestion?

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  • [Read] How to post an Event Map Suggestion?

    Do you have an idea for an event map that you think would be cool? Suggest it here in this topic and if we're impressed you will see it in game!

    Event types that you can request to be made are: Derby/Sumo/Bloodring, Last Man Standing, Fallout (LMS)/Hunger Games (HG), Capture The Flag (CTF), Siege (A/D), Death Match (DM)/Team Death Match (TDM).

    To do so, please post here with the following example format:

    Event type: Last Man Standing (LMS) (Repeat it again)
    Name: LastManStandingByDelija
    Player Object Set(/LPOS): /LPOS DelijaLMS
    Map Creator: Delija
    Weapon(s): Deagle and Uzi (Max: 4)
    Vehicle(s) (Derby) <Vehicle Name Model ID> <Vehicle Name Model ID>
    Weather(/MyWeather): None
    Time(/MyTime): 21
    Red Spawn and Flag Location: Use /wmi, copy the X, Y, Z angles, and paste them here.
    Blue Spawn and Flag Location: Use /wmi, copy the X, Y, Z angles, and paste them here.

    Your thread must start with the Event Type between [] and your event name. (For example : "[LMS] Delija and Adriana Mansion").

    You may also add extra note and pictures in your request.

    * We expect good maps. Rubbish maps with bunch of fences around a territory will be ignored.
    * If you build your maps in MTA:SA, remember that object limit for you is only 350! If there are more, they wont show.
    * Blast Survival maps cannot be made.
    * If you are not the creator of the map (e.g. you downloaded it from somewhere and placed it in GamerX), DO NOT CLAIM IT AS YOURS, post the real original author/creator name.
    * No duplicated maps, if there is already same existing map for same type, it will be denied.
    * Only 4 weapons can be added. For Hunger Games, Gun game, Funny DM has no weapon option, so leave it blank.
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