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Queen's appeal

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  • Queen's appeal

    Username: Queen[M4]
    Admin who removed my status: Beer
    Reason given: He said for talking in bad way to him.
    Other notes: I asked admin beats in TP chat to check someone who was cheating he says be patient and golden eyes start talking to me don't say this things here . but if we can't talk about cheaters in tp chat , why should we use it ?
    and he says don't abuse tp chat I said to golden i can chat here if you have a problem go away . I wasn't talking to admin beer at all and he got a miss undrestood . I swear I didn't insult him at all . I just said it's tp chat I can talk in it . mention to golden eyes not admin beer . And if beer thinks I insulted him I'm sorry ...
    And here the logs :
    [00:33:49] [Trusted Player Queen[M4] (ID:51)]: beats this guy is aimboting :c
    [00:33:59] [Trusted Player Nick[wW] (ID:18)]: /report
    [00:34:06] [TP Chat Golden_eyes (#gamerX)]: /report not $
    [00:34:29] [Admin Beer (ID:16)]: Can't you have patience? We received your report. I except a good behaviour from a TP
    [00:34:30] [Trusted Player Queen[M4] (ID:51)]: now go away
    [00:35:05] [Trusted Player Queen[M4] (ID:51)]: you don't need to tell me what to do kid
    [00:35:06] [TP Chat Golden_eyes (#gamerX)]: it's a tp chat not reports
    [00:35:31] [Admin Beer (ID:16)]: Talking to me in that way?
    [00:35:41] [Trusted Player Queen[M4] (ID:51)]: to golden not you beer

    If admin beer reads this logs he will undrestand I wan't talking to him ...
    I just paste important logs here

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    Already had a talk with Queen in-game. Trusted Player Status has been already granted by me.


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