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How to post an appeal [READ BEFORE POSTING]

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  • How to post an appeal [READ BEFORE POSTING]

    If you are looking at this topic, it is assumed that you are a trusted player who has had their status removed by a member of the admin team. If not, then this board has no relevance to you.

    From now on all appeals against trusted status removal must be made in this board, using the format laid out below. Do not contact the admin who removed your tp status, or another member of the admin team asking for your status back.

    Once you have made your appeal, the admin that removed your status will respond in this topic. Please be patient, and do not post multiple posts as this will harm your chances.


    I have lost my trusted player status as I were banned, what do I do?

    If the removal of your status is the result of being banned, you must make a separate appeal for both your ban and the removal of your trusted status. Please take note that even if your ban appeal is successful, you may not get your status back.

    Can I apply for trusted status again?

    If your trusted status is removed by an admin, the only way to get it back is to make an appeal in this board. Any applications made by you will be immediately removed.

    I have appealed the removal of my status, but am not happy with the result. May I appeal again?

    The decision of the admin who removed your status is final. However, there are exceptions for cases where management feel that the decision was unjustified, or for personal reasons, etc. We will look at this on a case by case basis.


    You should use the following format when making an appeal:

    Username: [Ez]
    Admin who removed my status: hiyah
    Reason given: He said I was abusing godmode, but i didnt.
    Other notes: I never abuse godmode I swear! Please give me another chance

    Other Notes

    This topic is only for admins and the person making the appeal to post in. Any other posts will be removed and action may be taken against people who break these rules.

    Also note that posting multiple replies will not help your case, be patient and wait for the admin to respond.

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