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3rd Trusted Player Application

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  • 3rd Trusted Player Application

    Username: Hawkwell
    Any previous names: N/A
    Registered: 2016
    IRC Nickname (if any): Hawkwell
    Discord Username/Discriminator Tag: Hawkwell#7502
    Time spent in-game (hours): 930 h

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    Although you have spent quite some time here i barely see you assisting new players if not at all, neither you are clearly active. Your activity is always flickering, if you plan to achieve the status work for it like you really want it. You, considering your nasty history getting banned several times are supposed to work at-least one step harder than the general players around that have maintained a clean character. I generally refrain from giving a negative but you really have to work honestly, sorry.
    the 2 7 squad


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      You posted this application on 31.10.2018. According to IRC logs after 31.10 you became helpful in-game how it should be. Before 31.10 you were not really.
      Thats not how does it works, become helpful after posting TP applicant. If you continue to be like this helpful and start giving more details about the server stuff my vote should be positive.
      For now its a No from me.


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        Everything has been explained by Panzehir.


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          Denied, You may reapply on 5th December 2018.


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