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Soham_ Trusted Player Application

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  • Soham_ Trusted Player Application

    Username: Soham_.
    Any previous names:XxsohamxX.
    Registered: 2018.
    IRC Nickname (if any): XxsohamxX.
    Discord Username/Discriminator Tag: XxsohamxX Tag=#2072.
    Time spent in-game (hours): 18432 Minutes And 307 Hours.
    Extra notes: From My Last Application I Have Learnt To Keep Patience And I Promise I'll Keep Patience Thank You.

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    While there are no online admins in-game you are breaking the rules, this is not acceptable from regular player.

    Once this happened, you asked him how is he in Spanish, he said fine and you replied with question mark, if you dont understand that language why did you ask him in Spanish.
    <@GX-26> [27] Soham_: hola martin coma estas?
    <@GX-27> ** Soham_ (ID:27) Enabled goto for Martin[M4] (ID:28)
    <@GX-28> [28] Martin[M4]: hola
    <@GX-29> [28] Martin[M4]: bien
    <@GX-30> [27] Soham_: ?
    <@GX-02> [28] Martin[M4]:
    Once i busted you that you were correcting the English of another player and why? You are not with the best one. Correcting other players English will not make the chances higher to become a trusted player, it will reduce.
    My vote is Negative.


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      Your behavior hasn't improved at all.
      Just a note, if you're helping someone, just help them correctly, do what you know 100%, don't mislead them into typing their password in IRC section (for example, what you've told someone) to join IRC (where the field is used for nickname, not the password).

      This just confirmed my vote.
      [08:50:14] -GamerX- Soham_ (ID:15) has been jailed by Admin Jovan (ID:0) for attacking red zone players using minigun [for 3 minutes].
      Last edited by Jovan; 22-04-19, 09:15 AM.


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        You seem like a nice player and you've improved yourself since your last application, but i have to agree with Admin Jovan. I have to give you a negative vote for this time, but if you keep this behaviour up you will get my positive vote on your next application. You seems to be good for now (at least for me), but try to avoid rulebreaking and be more helpful in-game/forum. Good luck .


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          Denied, you may reapply on 28th of May.


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