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Deco's Application

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  • Deco's Application

    Username: [GIPE]Deco
    Any previous names: TVR_Deco
    Registered: 2016
    IRC Nickname (if any): Deco
    Discord Username/Discriminator Tag: DecoWijaya
    Time spent in-game (hours): 201 hours

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    since 2016 this is your second post on forum , you aren't not helpful player on forum even in game
    this time i m giving u my negative vote maybe next time . good luck


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      You were asking admins to check your application after you got negative vote from Breakdown, that's not good.

      [15:19] *@GX-15: PM from [GIPE]Deco (ID:25) to Jovan (ID:0): Please check my forum for apply for TP, BreakDown hates me now
      No from me.


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        You should've read this before posting.
        Pay attention to such primary requirements as:
        • You must have been registered on the forums for at least one month, and have made some proper contributions
        As is was already mentioned by BreakDown, we can see none.
        • You should be reasonably helpful in-game and on the forums (which includes helping players, reporting, ...)
        Also, you are not registered at IRC.
        [16:11:46] NickServ []: Deco is not registered.
        No from me as well, next time make sure you follow all the requirements.

        Denied. You can re-apply in a month (on the 25th of September).


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