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  • Minecraft Server?

    Hey all!

    I'm posting this thread because I'm thinking of bringing back the Minecraft server. I'm posting it in the News section so that it gets more exposure, afterwards, this may be moved to the Minecraft forums. So let's talk about it! Would you like to see the Minecraft server come back?

    In order for me to bring it back, there are several things to consider in order to make the server self-sustainable:
    • Management: I will need some help to manage the server through McMyAdmin, this involves keeping it updated, secure, and online. I would prefer RoboN1X for this task, otherwise I would require either a level 8+ with experience or someone I trust (also with experience).
    • Server Interest: this speaks for itself, if there's no interest in the server, why run it?
    • Admins: Also speaks for itself; the server already has admins, but we need active admins
    • Features: Which features should we include? I personally prefer a vanilla server with factions and other plugins; hiyah and Kat have wanted me to run Tekkit, but I don't know how to set it up and let alone manage it. If someone knows how, please post.

    So let's discuss this! Post your opinion, ideas, or thoughts!

    PS. This is not a cracked server, so if you don't own a copy of Minecraft, unfortunately, you will be unable to play.
    Yes, and I will play
    Yes, but I can't play
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    If you PM me (here, on IRC, or in-game), please get straight to the point. A lot of people message me and I would like to get to everyone; but that's difficult if the messages are just "hi".

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    sir i want the MC server back runing but due to some reasons i cant play it
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      I have some friends with experience in MC, they can help you, are actives and good players
      Let me talk with them if they accept this situation, and Stefan's situation...if you want


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        I mean if there's a demand for it, why the hell not? Whatever strengthens the GamerX name/brand is welcome imo.


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          It will bring more new players ftw, but as you said it needs active admins. Bringing more players will enlarge the community and might be more donations, also some players may invite their friends there and maybe come to SA-MP server and GamerX name will be more known so why not!
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            If we open it with no difference from how it used to be, trust me it will be dead again and will always be, in other words, the server needs and requires a lot of things for its enhancement.
            So I got several suggestions regarding GamerX minecraft server, and I am sure if those get added (or a few) minecraft server will be alive as it's supposed to be and I'm pretty sure this is the goal anyways

            1. Make the server for cracked users.

            As said, the server will be only accessible through premium launchers, that means you need to buy the game to play it, but apparently the main GamerX server (San Andreas) we do not buy it to play, let's make it cracked just like San Andreas as well, this will undoubtedly increase the player amount by crazy numbers as there are many players waiting to play this game but unfortunately they can't afford, and they are only fighting the time playing with rusty computers and dead FPS (Some people), why not giving them a chance to play in the same community but in other games? Would be so grateful and players will feel the warmth that we care about them, will also increase the number of admins since some of them don't own Minecraft.

            You might be wondering about the registering system just like the main server, a few plugins can help the server in our absence, and a few that I know are trustable (NOTE: Adding multiple of these registering plugins will cause severe errors and failure to start, only one is enough and recommended)

            P.S: It'd be good if a certain level can get the access to set levels since we'd have more trusted players and admins joining in (Confirmation either through in-game, identified IRC account or from forums)

            + AuthMERECOMMENDED OR xAuth
            I recommend AuthME since it's common and very smooth and I'm familiar with it.

            2. Building with creative mode

            Just like in the main server, it's up to people to build whatever they want with POBs and stuff, what if we grant this ability in Minecraft too? I mean that is the general point of 'Minecraft' anyways aside from mining, crafting items and surviving the zombie massacres, but building is mostly people's preferred hobbies, so giving them the ability to be in creative mode can make them happy and grant them a permission that every minecrafter wants it.

            If you think /gamemode 1 will be so abusive, we can simply add multiverse plugins as they can make this feature way more possible and easy to use, if we add a specific world, multiverse will play an admin role and will auto set the world's visitors to creative gamemode even without them typing the command (They won't have the permission anyways), as well as setting separated inventory and stats meaning when going back to the main world it will auto set their gamemode to survival again and set their inventory to what they used to have previously, an available option with multiverse can make this possible.

            However, while opting out this gamemode thing, we should also opt out inventory so people can't get diamonds from there and cheat through it (I think it exists in multiverse plugin as well)

            + Multiverse Core
            + Multiverse World
            NOTE: Both plugins are highly required to be added otherwise none will work, make sure the right versions are added in, you can always request my assistance

            3. Other possible spaces/worlds/gamemodes

            Aside from having just the creative world, we can also have other worlds using the same tools plugins but just with different settings, in different ways, perhaps a PvP (Player vs Player) world? Where people are free to fight and stuff? Or a world featuring the same thing but in a ring (like in Rome) a huge circular arena (I can contribute in building it since I believe I have building skills)? Or a world surviving the hard of life giving it adventure/hardcore modes?
            In this way people can roam around and switch from here to there as they please and never get bored of playing one gamemode every time every day.

            With the same plugins (multiverse plugins) it can be possible, but remember they must both be added in as it's a necessary requirement otherwise it may result in a crash or other bad consequences.

            4. Command blocks

            I'm also familiar with command blocks since I've made a few functioning experiments using it, made many cool cosmetic things using it, but it was such a sad moment that the server prevented me from doing it when I wanted to make some areas better, with a few helping tools I can make advanced doors, amazing particle effects or even gorgeous explorable content featuring command blocks, command blocks really make Minecraft beautiful than the how it is.

            No plugins are needed, if you play with the settings in the server files through file transfer protocol (FTP) or anything, it'd be possible, there is an option called "enable-command-block=true", if it doesn't exist add it to "" file which can be found in the main folder.

            5. Version Compatibility

            I suppose it is going to be 1.8 version again, why not make it compatible with newer versions? This version pretty dead anyways and players won't just switch versions to play in GamerX and switch back to play on other servers, I believe SpigotMC can allow compatibility to happen between several versions, I recommend a compatibility between 1.8.x and 1.11.
            Yes, it is possible and there are so much servers running on this compatibility

            However, guys, if this suggestion hopefully gets accepted I'm always here and will share my abilities willing to help, I'm always able to be asked if needed hopefully this suggestion gets accepted one day as soon as possible, I believe this implementation is an efficient way to increase our community not just in SA-MP but outside Grand Theft Auto and its routine.

            This suggestion is copied from a thread I made in the admin section last year, but unluckily it was ignored, so I will give it another shot! (I did a few edits though)
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              I will play every day lols
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                Originally posted by Stefan View Post
                [*]Management: I will need some help to manage the server through McMyAdmin, this involves keeping it updated, secure, and online. I would prefer RoboN1X for this task, otherwise I would require either a level 8+ with experience or someone I trust (also with
                I think most competent people for this task are Robo_N1X and Blackbird. they have pretty much lots of knowledge about minecraft.


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                  Could we try Tekkit for some period, if it's too laggy, then downgrade to vanilla?

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                    i'l play...also in minecraft besides creative people are more intersted in playing factions, pvp, skyblock, skywars etc


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                      Actually, i think it's useless, but i can't vote no because there might be some players who want to play. So i voted Yes but i can't play
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                        I am happy to hear you are rethinking of opening it again. Apart from gx I almost always played single player Minecraft or a few small servers I hosted some years ago.

                        As for me I always enjoyed vanilla minecraft but in other to keep the server alive a few gamemodes/plugins would be nice. And if there is any need I can always hang around/help when I am not at work.
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                          So, when will we get some news about the server? Some of us really want to play on the server. Also, please don't let this thread be abandoned.


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                            i will play... also ive got some experience with managing minecraft servers since i owned one back in the day but i stopped playing :P i would like to play again but please make it for cracked users!

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                              Can any1 tell me how to install it?


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