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GamerX v4.8.5 and v4.8.6

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  • GamerX v4.8.5 and v4.8.6

    A late post update

    These updates contains various improvement and bug fixes, mostly for admin...

    Version 4.8.6 was deployed on 29th April 2019
    • Added code to prevent /epo /so /so2 edit on fly camera object
    • Fixed spelling mistake "Admin started a 3 second countdown" on irc !countdown
    For Admins:
    • Added (back) admin command /setinterior
    • Updated /playsound to be usable by admin level 4 on a player (still level 8+ for all)
    • Improved /unbanaccount command (possible security issue and optimization)
    • Fixed bug with /startchase failure with picking random id for crook
    • Actors related... There is an incoming plan in future to make a complete customizable actor pool system (for admin & donator).
      • Added /nearestactor (/na) Allows an admin to find nearest actor
      • Added /gotoactor (/gac) Allows an admin to teleport to an actor
      • Added /bringactor (/bra) Allows an admin to bring actor to their location
      • Added /setactorangle (/safa) Allows an admin to set actor facing angle
      • Added /setactorhealth (/sah) Allows admin to set a non invulnerable actor health
      • Added /setactoranimation (/saa) Allows admin to apply actor animation
      • Updated /createbilly to be usable by admin level 5, temporary use this to create an actor (still need level 9+ to make "find billy and hit him for 10 cookies" game)
      • Updated /deletebilly to be usable by admin level 5, please do not abuse/fight over it (wait for the incoming update for complete actor system)
    The following commands have been optimized, it should work fine as usual, otherwise please report:
    /setramp /svmos /vehicle /car /givecake /givebiscuit /giveicecream /setdeaths /setak /setcookies /setcakes /setbiscuits /seticecreams /setm /setbm /spvw /svw /se /sa /la /mute /hit /givecash /mh /cd /setlevel

    Version 4.8.5 was deployed on 18th April 2019
    • Loading and saving player object file performance has been improved up to 4 times faster
    • Improved hydra kill abuse now only explode for the idiot player
    • Improved /changename restriction for security, also added a screen text to remind player to change it on their sa-mp client as well
    • Improved /setmyradio restriction for security
    • Fixed ranking up message will not show the previous and new rank if it was only single level up
    • Fixed some spelling mistake found in commands
    For TPs:
    • Added note on /togglespec to use it during P-GOO only
    • Added message to show current setting of /mypaint
    For Admins:
    • Added automatic end happy hour when there are no admins in game (check every within 5 minutes)
    • Added /flycam "noclip" fly camera system for admins, please do not abuse, there will be incoming plan in future to make a complete fly camera system (admin-toggleable on players)... All keys below are by default game setting:
      • Use directional keys to move, and navigate camera with mouse
      • Hold Space to speed up or hold Alt to slow down
      • Press C together with W or S key to move up/down
      • Focus (center camera) on a player close enough then left click to switch to /spec them
      • Press Shift to re-spawn usually like from /spec
    • Improved /setplayername restriction for security
    • Improved /loadchase to allow admins specify full vehicle model name (like Infernus)
    • Improved /setchallengeaf and /setchallengegm to allow values like true/false
    • Fixed /setchallengetottime to prevent negative value
    • Fixed /createfakepickup to check for z position
    • Removed duplicated server tick rate on /snetstats
    The following commands have been also optimized, it should work fine as usual, otherwise please report:
    /chp /spho /mho /rho /lho /lhos /sho /shos /spot /cpom /capom /lpos /spos /addracerotation /seteventscoretowin /ggp /burn /thh /dapso /setderbyname /setderbymode /setderbyweather /setderbytime /setderbymapcreator /setcarhealth /setlmsname /setlmsmode /setlmsmarkers /setlmscreator /setdmname /addeventteleport /seteventtargethealth /addeventtarget /deleteeventtarget /setdmcreator /setctfname /setctfcreator /setsiegename /setsiegecreator /setfirstteamname /setsecondteamname /startevent /invite /startchase /setchallengename /setchallengecreator /editstunt /setstuntname /setstuntcreator

    IRC 4.1.1 was deployed on 5th May 2019
    • Improved & Fixed mistake in admin commands
    • Donator remaining days left in !stats should now show correctly

    IRC 4.1.0 was deployed on 1st May 2019
    • Added echo message for command usages: /setinterior /unbanlast /playsound
    • Added echo message for kicked blacklisted player

    Thank you & Enjoy!

    Also.... Happy Ramadhan for All Muslims!
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    Good job!!! Thank you so much!!!!!


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      Thank you Robo. Happy Ramadan to you tooo
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        good work Robo, tnx


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          Good work, keep it up!


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            Great Work, Thanks.


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              Good Job , Thank u <3


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                Good job it rlly helps alot


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