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GamerX v4.9.0 + Halloween

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  • GamerX v4.9.0 + Halloween

    This October update contains various fixes and improvements.

    Game Mode Version 4.9.0 was deployed on 29th October 2019
    • Account related:
      • Fixed issue with storing between legacy password and new password, password is now prioritized first on save
      • Fixed issue with possible wrong format in password salt generator
      • Fixed bug with /changename which should not require /changepass due to new password
      • Allowed dot '.' as valid character for nickname (except first character)
    • Admin only:
      • Added hint for admin to unload LSS first as a workaround before attempting to load a DM
      • Added hint for admin to /unloadstunt first when admin cannot find stunt they want to /editstunt
      • Added admin name in message when they toggle a trusted player status for someone
      • Added VW, interior & previous interior to message in /bring
      • Added interior to message in /goto
      • Fixed Reset Pickup Competition Status bug that prevents /lpuc from working
      • Added /fs parameter to allow level 4+ admin set another player fight style
      • Fixed blacklist hash length error
      • Added AC alert for high armor amount (over 100)
    • Database and File related:
      • Corrected most database syntax, command size, and safe filter (known affected: /spn /uba /rfrt)
      • Fixed error logging for long database error
      • Added safe filter for event name when admin or rotation select an event
      • Added empty race name error when resetting record from database
      • Added file length error if loading empty PUC file
      • Added warning on /lho /lhos and /lvmos when the first line of file is empty
      • Added 500 limit break for loading event & race rotation file
      • Added file size limit check when loading normal object (5 MB max) or streamed object set file (70 MB max)
      • Added reserved file name error for save and load to prevent mismatch file type (e.g. objects)
    • Misc:
      • The /fs command now display message with correct key from game setting (otherwise stated default in bracket)
      • Added prevention to property payout when player has too much cash (be sure to use /bank)
      • Fixed pursuit won message that rarely shows empty name when a player disconnected
      • Expanded dialog message size to maximum possible for list dialogs so it show many items as possible, and reduced oversized list which prevented it from displaying. (known affected: /prisoners /mgp /top10 /myduel /pursuits /rp /stunts /viewers, siege & duel weapon selection)
      • Optimized several message and dialog buffers to necessary size (known affected: /pobzones /panel /info)
      • Fixed a few minor spelling mistakes
    Action Version 1.2.9 was deployed on 28th October 2018 (animation script)
    • Added a hint message when using /sit to stand up with /stand
    • Added jump key SHIFT ⇧ as shortcut to /stand

    IRC Version 4.1.5 was deployed on 29th October 2019
    • Added !findhash command for admin to lookup hash collected on joins
    • Fixed /udpo message echoing to the wrong channel
    • Added AC armour alert echo
    Please report bugs in the Bug Reports section.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Halloween_Banner.png Views:	0 Size:	252.1 KB ID:	207883

    Happy Halloween! We hope everyone who celebrate it enjoys their holiday.

    Some of the spawn areas have been decorated with Halloween-themed Objects

    The race rotation has been also temporary replaced with 50+ newly halloween races
    Race reward for 1st has been increased to $1,000,000 from $100,000 default

    We will also start halloween based Pickup Competitions regularly or alternaterly a Hidden Pickup Competition (GOO)

    Also expect some happy hour when the admins are online!

    You can enjoy this until 1st November, so don't miss it... Click here to play now!

    I would like to thanks to the past GamerX Crew, and especially izayoi who created the halloween medic spawn object (credits to bibo_lilo and MaRaZ for previously contributing to the objects).
    Special thanks to Kanwar , Jovan , and Charger for setting up the races and nicoud for the promoting media.
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    No matter.. Everything for GamerX
    Also thank you so much for last updates and you still works for gamerx

    You deserve "respect and thank"


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      Thanks for updates
      Mata kondo da..


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        Thanks for Update ROBO.....


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          Great update, sadly i can't play gamerx anymore.


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