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GamerX v4.9.4

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  • GamerX v4.9.4

    This is a quick update to hopefully solve issues from the previous updates of the GamerX gamemode that prevented Races/Events/Challenges/Stunts and the records from being loaded.

    Game Mode Version 4.9.4 was deployed on 28th March 2020

    • Global changes:
      • Added code to attempt fix player re-spawning in grove with bottle from chase (thanks Charger )
      • Updated streamer plugin to the latest (v2.9.4)
        • Updated common map icons (i.e. Restaurants, Ammu-Nation, Modding Garage, etc except Pay'N'Spray) to ignore interiors
        • Updated NPC name label to use default name tag drawing distance (70)
        • Please note there are no changes with player label, if you noticed the label is showing more often than before (as long it appears normally), that's probably mean the old label bug long time ago (yes, 6 links) is just coincidentally fixed
      • Updated crashdetect plugin to the latest (v4.19.4)
        • Added server date and time in runtime error log
      • Fixed various database errors found from server the log
        • Added SQL comment, server date and time in database error log
        • Added database error code on loading event map for IRC echo message (no, the IRC is not necessary to be updated for this)
        • Added code to attempt fix database error with race and challenge records, be warned that any improper format of records will be lost
        • Fixed possible infinite loop when loading event items/teleports/vehicles from database
      • Updated /discord command (was still showing old link), use to remember easily
      • Updated the race finish checkpoint map icon to show Race Flag ( instead of red dot (this excludes last checkpoint)
      • Fixed some typos
    EDIT 31st March 2020:
    • Global changes:
      • Added back ON/OFF red/green color in /panel
      • Fixed bug with /eject parameter of partial name on multiple matches

    Please report bugs in the Bug Reports section.

    Click here to join the server!

    Have you updated your SA-MP Client to 0.3.7-R4 yet? You can download it on:

    Stay safe everyone, and have fun!
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    Thanks for the updates, Keep up the good work!


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      Great Work!


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        Great Work!
        Im Dope


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          Awesome Updates!
          keep it up like that.!


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