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The best cards for your deck in Clash Royal

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  • The best cards for your deck in Clash Royal

    The first point to say there is no best deck in Clash Royal. Due to the various units, playing styles and tactics for the battle different variants can lead to success. Nevertheless, there are some basic tips that you should consider when assembling the own decks:
    • Each deck consists of 8 cards
    • Of course, at the beginning of the game you can not choose all cards. These need to be unlocked. There are cards which are normal, rare, epic, very rare and legendary cards.

    Unit Advantages Disadvantages
    • Very cheap
    • Strong in a group
    • Very fast
    • Alone very weak
    Spear Goblins
    • Cheap
    • Distance fighters
    • Also air attack
    • Alone very weak
    Baby Dragon
    • Can fly
    • AOE damage
    • Cheap
    • Much damage
    • Low HP
    Minion Horde
    • Flight unit
    • Good counterattack
    • Low HP
    • Good for targeted attacks on towers and buildings
    • Most effectively in groups
    • Good for tanking
    • Air and ground attack
    • Effective against groups
    • AOE damage
    • Strong attacker
    • Fast
    • No air attack
    • Very cheap
    • Distance attack
    Giant Skeleton
    • Good for tanking
    • Much HP
    • A bomb spawn when the Gigant is dead
    • Slow
    • Expensive
    Skeleton Army
    • Cheap
    • Very effective against groups
    • Low HP
    • Low damage
    • AOE damage
    • Very effetive agains groups
    • No air attack
    Hog Rider
    • Runs directly to the tower
    • Much damage
    • One of the strongest units in the game
    • Very much HP
    • After the destruction smaller Golems will spawn
    • One of the most expensive units in the game
    Those who want to experiment a bit, should take a look at the Deck Builder for Clash Royale. Here you can create a deck for free and try some different tactics and strategies. In addition, you can save your deck and share it with other players, or take a look at already created card decks.

    You can use the "Clash Royale Deck Builder" to build a deck here.

    The main goal is to make you a better player. By creating a deck I hope that you can refine it and make it more effective.

    Clash on!
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    Thank you very much for these great instructions and tips.

    This will be helpful to everyone plays Clash Royal,
    Like me xD
    Stay low, Go fast.
    Kill first, Die last.
    One shot, One kill
    No luck, Pure skill.


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