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GAMERX should create server for gta 5 also

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  • GAMERX should create server for gta 5 also

    hello,i thought that gamerx is a very popular server in very popular games but now gta 5 has become very popular. so i thought that owner should create an server for gta 5 also because many player are playing gta 5 online and gamerx is also very popular server.

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    First There are no servers on GTA V It is Online and you have to Pay for IT Second there are servers in Co-Op multiplayer of GTA V.
    Which is Costly.
    I hope you Understand
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      The idea of running a GTA V multiplayer server has been around since projects like Take2 and FiveM went public. Unfortunately Rockstar Games doesn't seem to like competition when it comes to GTA V multiplayer and has - as far as I know - been taking actions against several developers - including Take2 and FiveM projects - which makes it hard for them to actually build up an active community.

      As long as there is no promising multiplayer modification with stable, playable and enjoyable releases AND an active community behind it, GamerX is not going to have a multiplayer server for GTA V.


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        The main reason such projects have been banned by Rockstar are because the projects allowed piracy and they basically want everyone to buy the game. I don't think the GTA 5 community will be able to create a personal multiplayer project till another GTA comes out when Rockstar will abandon making updates for GTA 5.
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          For now you can join our community crew in gta online

          just buy the game and add me we usually have fun together would be nice having more people around


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