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  • I'll be inactive for 1 week because I have problems with the internet and also because I am in a FIFA tournament in my city with my younger brother

    Edit: I back today
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    • RATIOO
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      good luck for fifa

    • Logan
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      Fifa... real? or fake

  • Exams and more i think for many days bye <3


    • I am very sorry to say that i will not be able to play on Gx for couple of days or maybe weeks !
      due to some internet connection issue on my locality i can't able to play online games on my Pc.
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      • Exams are coming will inactive for 5 to 6 days

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        • Hi. I have been inactive for nearly 2 months now. Lot of changes have took place in this limited time. Due to the growing obstacles and responsibilities in my life, I have decided to cut all ties with online acquaintances. This means I have quit online gaming, and deleted social media applications like Discord, Facebook and Instagram. So if you`re added by me there, don`t worry you aren`t blocked. While this may come off as unnecessary, I feel that it would ultimately brush up my presence of mind and give me more courage to face the problems, instead of escaping the reality. There`s a remote possibility of me coming back once everything is on track, but it`s definitely not any sooner.
          Though most of you might`ve not noticed me, I have been playing here since 2016. This community has it`s place in my heart for sure, because just like most of you I`ve spent majority of my late teenage here. I`ll just say that the place has ups and downs like every other community. I`ve met both kind people and assholes alike. But both taught me life lessons, which I would`ve otherwise never learnt. If you`re one of those who admire me, it`d be great to have your blessings. Cheers!
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          • XWarriorX
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            Good Bye Mate, It was a pleasure time we spent together, Take care of yourself. You'll be missed.
            I wish you all the best !

          • Hisoka
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            Take care of yourself , gonna miss you sawns king

          • GangsterZz
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            You are the most reasonable and most smartest persons I have ever met in my entire lifetime.
            Im glad that I got a chance to meet you and be your friend. Good Luck in your life and stay as you always was!!!

        • Inactive.

          I'll Be Inactive For 15 To 20 Days I Am Going To Another City For Some Personal Reasons. But I Will Be Active On IRC And Discord <33

          EDIT: I Am Back
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          I am blessed to have so many great things in my life - family, friends....


          • Good brother Lei happy real life I remembered many moments ago when you showed me your maps and got a few moments
            GL MATE <3


            • HoocK
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              WO.o o.OW !

          • i will be inactive again because my first year college life is starting to slap me next month 2nd week and i think i'll be busy also the second reason is
            my samp is lagging/fps drops idk why last week when i join GX and other server i notice my frame drops like 99-100 before now it drops 90 - 60.70. 40
            i already reinstall my gta , create new user and much more still didnt fix , i also tried to clean my pc still doesnt work. idk what's the problem. if maybe someone can advice me how to fix this shit.

            take care guys^^


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